Al's Bar

A legend in Kampala, this is the most famous bar in Uganda, although notorious might be a better word! This is the one place in Kampala that you can be guaranteed to find some people propping up the bar into the wee hours of the morning.

It gets very busy on weekends, and attracts a regular crowd of expats, Ugandans and a fair number of prostitutes, meaning half the customers or more. There are two pool tables, but you might need to stay all night to get a game.

Drinks are reasonable, and it is not uncommon for this bar to be open 24 hours. It's just down the road from the Half London . Special-hire taxis between here and the city centre cost anything from USh4000 to USh8000, depending on your negotiating skills and how drunk you are by the time you leave.

Address: Street Gaba Rd

                Locality SE of Kampala

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